residential home inspection


Did you know that the average home has over 1500 parts from the foundation to the rooftop? It takes an experienced and knowledgeable professional to understand how they work and how best to maintain them. Authorized Home Inspections will give you a full and detailed report on the condition of your property. Read more >

commercial building inspection

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial buildings have complex systems and safety requirements that must be considered when conducting a building inspection. Authorized Home Inspections is qualified to inspect the entire building as well as smaller units within the building. Read more >

log cabin and acreage inspections

Log Homes & Acreages

Homes located outside the city limits on acreages and remote areas require different systems for providing the same conveniences we take for granted in the city. These are often the responsibility of the home owner, so it's important to know about their condition and required maintenance. Read more >